Apple Antivirus Showdown with Windows

In Tech Blog by Justin Dauley

For years, Apple has prided itself on creating products that are resistant to the host of viruses that exist in virtually every corner of the internet. An old series of Apple commercials featuring a dull, sickly-looking businessperson and a smooth, knowledgeable Justin Long made to represent a PC and Mac first comes to mind when considering these claims. These ads have undoubtedly helped shape how consumers view each brand, and have likely influenced many buying decisions over the years as well. Recently, Apple has started running another series of ads for the iPad Pro that target the pitfalls of PC’s by using phrases such as “You wouldn’at get PC viruses, if your computer was an iPad Pro.”

Are Apple products truly immune to viruses, or are the claims and attacks on PC’s nothing more than a clever marketing campaign to win over disgruntled Windows users?

In the case of iPhones and iPads, Apple is not exaggerating. It is much more difficult for a malicious program or application to get through Apple’s rigorous screening process and the iOS platform does not allow users to download outside files easily, let alone potentially dangerous ones. Considering this, there have still been security breaches that leave iOS devices vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks.

Our advice to help you keep Apple’s claims about dodging viruses true is to:

  • Perform software updates on all your iOS devices regularly
  • Do not attempt to tamper with or jailbreak your devices
  • Carefully monitor privacy settings and application permissions
  • Use Touch ID or a Passcode to help keep your devices secure
  • When using the internet, close windows with popups or spam