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Patch Management & MSP: Can Your Business Afford not to?

In Tech Blog by Michael Kierman

Every time you get that annoying pop up from windows saying “You must restart your computer to install important updates” you cringe. I know, I know; we all do, even in the MSP / IT world.

It always feels like it’s interrupting your workflow by asking you to schedule a time or it’s forcing you to restart NOW – and worse yet; The actual install makes your restart take FOREVER. I can picture you sitting there reading this on your cell phone while windows spins and spins with that “Please Wait” icon displayed on PC screen. But, there’s good news – technicians can help! Let’s talk about updates first so you can understand how we are able to do this.  
Updates are incredibly important for security, as you are patching issues that you’re currently vulnerable to. Sometimes patches can take 6 months to be built and released for a known issue that compromises data. It’s imperative that you install them as soon as possible. People believe that this is an attempt to stay “one step ahead of the hacker” but in reality, it’s just a responseyou’re essentially closing and adding a lock to an already open backdoor. 
So where does AVATAR Computing in Worcester, MA fit in?

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we offer “Managed” Patch Management and Anti-Virus. Our team will not only install, but monitor for new updates and schedule those updates for install based on your business’ schedule. But here’s the catch; we do it ALL in the background, meaning you will not be interrupted. You’ll never see that annoying popup again and we’ll schedule the reboots when you’re not at your desk. You’ll always be uptodate, carefree and uninterrupted. As we have a lot of ex and current Military employees, AVATAR wants you to know we’ve got your six (back).  
We also extend this service to Anti-Virus. There’s no need to update, schedule scans or remove virus’. Our Managed Bit Defender software and team of employees watching over it will do that for you. We protect from the latest threats that include Encryption Software, Spyware, Keyloggers and more. Contact AVATAR Computing today for a free consultation on our Managed Services and how we can optimize your workflow, prevent downtime, and give your business security and peace of mind.