My Tech Story

We run Central MA’s largest Property Management firm. Keeping track of work orders from over 2700 units is no easy task. That’s why we turned to AVATAR to help develop an application which our Property Managers could use out in the field to make sure that work orders get taken care of in an effective and timely manner. They created a database and mobile-friendly interface that allows for our Property Managers, Maintenance Managers, and Field Technicians to communicate with one another and have access to information that is integral in providing our tenants with the best possible experience.

“Thanks for Your help AVATAR.” Robert Haddon, President and Owner

My Tech Story

As the property manager of a staple building in Lowell, MA, my day is filled with surprises. With 1.2M square feet, made up of 26 tenants consisting of nearly 5,000 employees, there’s never a dull moment.That’s why we asked AVATAR Computing to take a proactive approach to our technology. Rather then reacting to computer related issues, their team monitors our server and desktops for any type of threats, unusual activity, and possible hardware issues we may have to address. Not to mention, if something does happen, they can usually remote into my machine and get it fixed asap. It’s a great knowing they have my back.

“Thanks for Your Help AVATAR.” Nicole Townsend, Property Manager

Upgrades to Uptime

We run a very unique business at Pratt Trucking. As a family owned rubbish removal company, we’re coordinating with countless trucks, countless people, and numerous communities across Worcester County. Technology is the backbone of our operation which is why we hired AVATAR to do a complete overhaul of our technology infrastructure, from our server to our wifi network, AVATAR provided us with the technology tools right for our business.

“Thanks for a job well done.”Erin Pratt, Owner

Laptops, calendar, and phones synced

Our family run law firm has always taken pride in running a small yet prestigious practice. To keep it that way – we need to be efficient. We asked AVATAR computing to put on their consulting hats and homogenize the many systems in our office. Now, from our cell phones to email to our calendar, my staff is synced in ways I never imagined. We also take comfort in knowing their staff is keeping an eye on any suspicious cyber threats that may pose a risk.

“It was great working with you” John J. Spillane, Esq

A Website For A City

The City of Worcester was in desperate need of a new website. But with 35 unique departments, thousands of pages, and a wonderfully diverse city, finding the right wed development partner was critical. We were fortunate to have found that partner in AVATAR Computing. Having won the bid, they met with each department, created a transparent process, and delivered a fantastic CityCentric site the captures what it means to be from Worcester.

Thanks for Your Help AVATARJake, Asst. City Manager