Increase Productivity: Must Have Applications for any Business

In News, Tech Blog by Michael Kierman

Productivity in the workplace is key – and the recent wave of mobile applications seem to be geared towards maximizing that productivity and eliminating wasted resource. Although certain applications are industry specific, we are going to focus on apps that can boost the productivity of any business, no matter the size or vertical. Broken down by category – here are a few mobile downloads that could save you a few second – and headaches.

Communication & Project Management:

The ability to effectively communicate with your coworkers is crucial – phone and email aren’t going to cut it anymore. Whenever we launch a project at AVATAR Computing, located in Worcester, MA – the first action is to set up a collaboration tool. One of the more popular choices over the last few years was Skype for Business – a communication tool with very little limitations – great for communication over national borders. Recently companies like Slack and Stride have hit the scene and are offering competition.

Even more specific to project management are applications like Basecamp and Trello. Organizing tasks by buckets and holding all team members accountable, these are a project managers dream. We have found that by combining a communication tool with a planning tool is the best way to go for transparent and effective projects.

Time Tracking & General Productivity:

Whether you find yourself wasting time on websites that are irrelevant to work, or you have suspicion your employees are, there is a solution. RescueTime is a tracking device that tells your exactly where you are spending your time online. With graphs, analytics, suggestions and customizable goals – watch productivity sore with this application.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Toggl. This application gives you the ability to find out exactly where your time online is being spent but is geared more towards time tracking than productivity. If you are a freelancer, or bill by the hour, this tool will help you be more transparent in your pricing.

If you find yourself not being able to resist the temptations of distractions – check out Pocket. Pocket is a free application that takes that interesting content you can’t resist and saves it for you to view later. It doesn’t necessarily have to be distractions either – you can save blogs, educational videos, notes and links to dive into later at your own convenience.

The majority of referenced apps offer free trials, and some are even free to use. With technology playing more and more of role in all businesses – and the competition between applications increasing – it is only leading to a better product being offered. These tools can help streamline your existing processes and help eliminate any wasted resources. Have a problem that wasn’t addressed in this blog? Reach out to AVATAR Computing and have a discussion with one of the technicians!