Outsourced IT Support

Hiring, managing, and paying for IT professionals can be challenging for small businesses. AVATAR offers outsourced IT solutions, providing proven methods and oversight that ensure the right tasks are prioritized and addressed.


Professional Services

AVATAR helps with more than just technology. We are planners armed with the knowledge of impact. Moving? Tech training? Forecasting expenses? AVATAR can help create that plan and then maximize implementation.

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Technical Services

Technology needs typically extend beyond a calculator. Servers, phone systems, workstations, audiovisual, Wi-Fi, backups . . . the list can be endless. We get it. That's why our technical services are flexible and built to address the help that you need.

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Web Services

We don't brag a lot but it might be time . . . our web services are simply superb. From custom app development to beautifully designed websites, our team loves taking a vision and making it tangible for the world to see.

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Outsourced IT

IT Support for Half the Cost

IT support can be a costly investment but it's often unavoidable. AVATAR Computing offers an affordable alternative to hiring full-time / part-time IT staff. Consider making our extensive team of knowledgeable techs part of your staff. With dedicated onsite and offsite IT support, AVATAR Computing has reduced IT management costs as much as 60 percent. More so, you'll gain access to a knowledge base of dozens of tech experts as opposed to relying on a single source of expertise. Call us today for a free consultation.

“I’ve really enjoyed my experience working with Avatar Computing. I’ve been relying on them for computer, server, and networking issues for years now and I can’t say enough about their techs. They’re all very approachable and clearly know what they’re doing. Great group of guys. I highly recommend them!”Anthony J. Bonhomme, Jr., Certified Public Accountant
  • Chief Technical Officer

    AVATAR Computing maintains the experience and foresight to help your company build a long-term technology plan. From strategic design to frame work, from acquisitions to the implementation of enterprise level systems, our team can provide executive level guidance at half the cost.

  • Part-Time IT Support

    Not in need of a full time IT guy but need help from time to time? AVATAR has trained technicians on standby, ready to stop by your office to address technology related issues. Companies can also establish routine schedules for technicians to visit your office – prepared to address problems or enhance workflow.

  • Technology Projects

    AVATAR has embraced an agile approach to project management. Our staff works within a transparent framework that promotes collaboration, efficiencies, and accountability. Our team is prepared to become your technology partner to create that dream project, workflow, or system your company has always wanted. Call us today and receive a free quote on your next project.

Professional Services

For the Forward Thinking Business Owner

When entrenched in the day-to-day, it's not easy to be proactive, particularly when it comes to technology. Partner with AVATAR. Our professional services equip your business with the foresight needed to reduce unwelcomed surprises. With decades of project management experience, AVATAR can help your business tackle that next technology project, help engineer an office move, rollout major upgrades, or institute that policy that keeps coming up in conversation. We consider it our responsibility to drive objectives forward to meet your company goals.

  • Project Management

    AVATAR Computing employs a highly organized yet transparent project management philosophy. Our ability to coordinate with multiple departments, hold parties accountable, and drive the mission forward is a necessary attribute, not a luxury.

  • Life Cycle Management

    Technology expenses can sneak up on the most diligent of business owners. AVATAR Computing develops Life Cycle Plans that capture current inventory and future expenses.

  • Office Relocation

    Changing locations or office renovations can be incredibly disruptive. AVATAR can help minimize technology downtime through a step-by-step, proven methodology to your office move.

  • Employee Training

    AVATAR estimates that 76% of viruses infecting workstations are due to a severe lack of employee awareness. Educating your staff on the latest cybersecurity threats is a must. AVATAR’s thorough small business training program can provide your business with a critical, first layer of security.

  • Policy & Compliance

    Federal and state regulators continue to scrutinize the policy on breaches and stolen personal identifiable information (PII). Be prepared. Contact AVATAR today to ensure your company is compliant.

  • Phone Support

    Cell phones, VOIP, or traditional landlines – AVATAR can facilitate the installation, upgrade, and provide consultation on the phone system that’s right for your company.

Technical Services

Technology Alone is Change. Technology Tied Together is Revolutionary

Technology is moving at blinding speed, creating siloes across employees and departments - some keep pace and others fall behind. AVATAR's technical services aim to homogenize your systems, workforce, and extended peripherals. Furthermore, your network, servers, and core technology infrastructure is managed by a team of experts.

  • Office Support

    Syncing your cell phone to your tablet to your desktop and all three to your calendar. Yes, we can do that and much more with AVATAR’s premiere office support services.

  • Server and Network Services

    Our network technicians and trusted software products continuously monitor and maintain your critical infrastructure to ensure that your business is safe, secure, and functioning efficiently. Need to update or expand your network? We can do that, too!

  • Data and Backup Solutions

    Affordable, reliable, and flexible. AVATAR’s backup solutions help companies of all different sizes while incorporating countless options including external drives, cloud solutions, and disaster recovery.

  • Audio / Video Support

    Our techs have a natural passion for AV solutions. With no brand affininty, AVATAR has created custom AV solutions ranging from movie theaters, to custom U.S. Army Conference Rooms.

  • Wiring & Cabling

    Guided by the knowledge and experience of technology infrastructure, AVATAR is equipped to provide top tier wiring and cabling services aimed at optimizing your networking capabilities.

  • Security Services

    Reinforce the safety of your business through the installation of a security system with the help of AVATAR. Our techs have years of experience working with numerous brands and systems, ensuring your company makes the right investment in technology fit for your business.

“AVATAR Computing has been providing my firm with networking, computer, printer, and software support for over four years now. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with their service. As a result, I’m recommending them to lawyers across the Worcester Community. They’re a good company with savvy technicians and sound values.”J.P. Howe, Attorney at Law
Located in New England? Call us this Month and Receive a Free Cyber Security Training Workshop for Your Employees.

Web Services

Six Successful Steps to Web & App Design

Developed by AVATAR co-founder and art enthusiast Matthew Foster, our web development team operates on a proven six-step program to ensure we consistently exceed expectations. And we're proud to say that the process is working. Coupled with a culture that breeds creativity, it's no wonder AVATAR continues to be awarded app and web design work from cities, the department of defense, and countless companies in New England. Want more info. on the six steps? Call us today with your next web or app project.
  • Website Design

    Born out of a passion for the arts, AVATAR’s web design team represents the perfect blend of creativity, security, and ingenuity. AVATAR takes a concise project management approach to the development of a website. This proven formula enables our team to capture your vision, collaborate, and provide a finished product that competitors emulate.

  • Design Services

    Looking to refresh your logo? Or maybe add some life to your brand? With seasoned designers on staff, AVATAR can help heighten the look, feel, and brand recognition that your company needs to compete.

  • Software / App Development

    AVATAR’s elite group of programmers have created applications that are used daily by first responders, members of the department of defense, and countless businesses. From entrepreneurial endeavors, to automation, to process transparency, AVATAR’s mission is every changing but the talent holds true. We have experience in SQL, Java, .Net, PHP, C, C+, Python, and several others. And though our level of service far exceeds most development shops, our pricing is consistently competitive. Call us today for a free quote.

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