Two-Factor Authentication

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Two-Factor Authentication and Why It’s Useful.

As hackers find more and more ways to maliciously break into other people’s accounts, companies are looking for different ways to confirm one’s identity. Two-factor authentication (or 2FA) is one easy and proactive way to do this. It provides a second-layer of security to a user when they are in the logging in process by mandating extra information in addition to the first login password.

Now, there are different ways for one to perform this action. It can send a code to a smartphone with an app that you have or also require some form of biometrics including your fingerprint or retina scan. By choosing two different ways of authentication, one can protect themselves from a hacker who gains access to a user’s password by disallowing a login attempt without the second form of confirmation.

Other two-factor authentication methods include a token to which it can generate a new passcode that a user enters into the prompt. SMS texting can be used as well. This is used in many large platforms such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

Latest trends for two-factor authentication include the usage of wearable technology, such as the Apple Watch and others. In the end, it is always incredibly important to keep your data safe and this is another way to help in that area.

For a list of websites and whether or not they support 2FA, visit for more information.

– Chris Barretto