Managing teams, requirements and industry involvement with email is a resource drain that creates a deep impact on staff and gives inconsistent messaging.   Consortiums and complex teaming arrangements are often faced with several problems that impact the speed of their proposal process:

  • Inconsistent messaging to stakeholders
  • Large amounts of email traffic that slows down staff
  • Confusion about where to find information
  • Poorly managed data and incoherent web design
  • Slow timelines due to manual processes
  • Lack of visibility throughout the proposal or white paper process and management

Isolating and controlling how management companies provide team members with requirements information is a key aspect of managing your proposal progress.  Common solutions lean heavily on manpower and inconsistent layering of technologies, often creating confusion and causing human error at throughout the process.  Teams must have management tools that fit the requirements being pursued if they are going to maximize their industry partners and promote an effective management strategy that removes risk.


Bidder’s Library provides a secure web environment that empowers OTAs and Team Management Companies to manage proposal and requirements information within a closed group of vendors.  The Bidder’s Library solution compliments the government acquisition workflow by fencing off and managing opportunities isolated  to controlled groups of members within large OTA or IDIQ teams. 

By using Bidder’s Libraries for your team, you gain a dedicated and secure web experience that is only accessible by approved users such as program participants and prime affiliates.  In this environment you can control the access to any requirements and keep industry partners fully engaged as new information comes out.

Bidder’s Libraries will be seen by your key members as the hub of all your team’s pertinent information including data repositories that can be secured to specific domains of vendors.  Your Bidder’s Library can be customized to fit any organizational need you have.

Even more important, the Bidder’s Libraries provide a streamlined way for your management staff to post new requirements, RFIs, PWSs, RFWPs, Draft RFPs, Q&As, Past performance questionnaires, cost templates and much more.  Contracting professionals can automate the notifications to relevant vendors and secured groups of vendors for export-controlled documentation.  Track billing and tie payments to line items for total payment visibility.  All of these features have a dramatic impact on speeding up the execution of your proposal process and automating tedious manual labor.  Bidder’s Library is designed to create a persistent record of the data lasting the life of the effort and not dependent on any one individual. 

Data Ownership:

Team members are constantly passing important information and program data to other members wishing to work their opportunities.  This workflow keeps the participating vendors at a proper distance to project management processes, centralizing leadership’s critical information needed to manage their workflow.  Bidders Library is designed to support retaining control of the group data and enabling them to make critical business decisions while still working with their industry counterparts.


Efficient and effective vendor relations

Custom reporting features

Customized Workflows to Your Organizations Needs

Automated notifications to specific industry vendors

Multiple layers of security for controlled documentation

Mobile Friendly Interface

Meaningful knowledge transfer for the life of your project

Streamlined payment tracking

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