Application and Website

Application Development That Addresses Complex Needs

Leveraging years of experience across both Government and Commercial industries, our team delivers scalable, secure, and reliable applications that address even the most complex business requirements.

Utilizing our Agile methodologies and industry best practices, we deliver:

  • Quick Development cycles getting you to market fast
  • Reduced risk and cost
  • Responsive high-fidelity experiences for the best possible product for you audience

Born out of a passion for the arts, AVATAR’s web design team represents the perfect blend of creativity, security, and ingenuity. AVATAR takes a concise project management approach to the development of a website. This proven formula enables our team to capture your vision, collaborate, and provide a finished product that competitors emulate.

Avatar’s design and development team traditionally uses a four-phase methodology for creating dynamic and meaningful web experiences for our wide variety of customers. By following this process, we create structure for both ourselves and for our customers. Our standard process reflects leading industry iterative design methodology working with well-defined Sprints that focus on a particular functionality. 

Looking to refresh your logo? Or maybe add some life to your brand? With seasoned designers on staff, AVATAR can help heighten the look, feel, and brand recognition that your company needs to compete.

AVATAR’s elite group of programmers have created applications that are used daily by first responders, members of the department of defense, and countless businesses. From entrepreneurial endeavors, to automation, to process transparency, AVATAR’s mission is every changing but the talent holds true. We have experience in SQL, Java, .Net, PHP, C, C+, Python, and several others. And though our level of service far exceeds most development shops, our pricing is consistently competitive. Call us today for a free quote.

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Government Cybersecurity Compliance

Compliance Is Meant To Help, Don't Let It Hurt Your Business

Cyber Security Requirements and Guidance is meant to protect you as well as the country. It is important because cyber security and information protection is not intuitive. Cyber Security has many factors to consider depending on the business.  The government understands that the businesses need a deeper understanding of what is possible and how cyber warfare and cyber espionage impacts mission. A breach can jeopardize or destroy a business and endanger the security of our country.

If you are a DoD contractor, you have probably heard of the recent DFARs requirements for cyber security and how they are above and beyond the standard NIST 800-171 compliance framework.  Many of the new guidelines are complicated enough to warrant most DoD contracting businesses to dedicate staff to this requirement.  This presents a serious challenge to small businesses who often wear multiple hats supporting their work life and do not have specialized cyber security staff to handle these needs. 

Let AVATAR help.

AVATAR Computing has extensive cyber security and government compliance experience, leveraging over 15 years of DoD system security support for U. S. Army, Air Force and Navy.  AVATAR has not only supported the DoD, but we specialized in supporting the governments efforts in working with commercial industry through technology.  This background gives us a great deal of insight into how industry partners work with the DoD and the spectrum of variations that companies have with their business needs versus their government requirements. 

We will help you to:

      • Perform the required Self-Assessment on your corporate infrastructure

      • Develop a Plan of Actions and Milestones for your company to reach compliance
      • Develop a System Security Plan
      • Identify and strategize policy guidance that will bring you company into compliance
      • Support implementation of your plan

NIST 800-171 Was designed to be an overall guidance that would be able to conform to the needs of any business environment whether it was a single person or a multinational Corporation employing hundreds of thousands of people.  Because of this the NIST 800-171 guidance is very open ended and requires a serious look at your corporate needs and what aspects of the guidance would be appropriate for those needs.  Other factors to consider include:

      • Cost
      • Your Customer Base
      • The Nature of your Product or Service

Avatar has a dedicated staff of cybersecurity experts that can help review and define what your corporate NIST compliance requirements would be.  They could help you devise a plan to not only define NIST compliance that is appropriate for your business, but also defend the measures that are being employed.  Our compliance experts could also help you draft corporate policy and work with your company to create a corporate culture that supports your compliance needs.  Avatar can help you define ongoing training programs that would insure Employee certification and create confidence with your customers that your NIST compliance is an important part of your business. 

Technical Implementation and Maintenance:

If you already have a dedicated IT staff or an outsourced Managed Service Provider that you wish to retain, AVATAR can support them to define controls and policy changes that they can implement to align their solutions to the NIST compliance.

If you do not have a dedicated staff, AVATAR Is fully staffed and capable of supporting small to medium sized businesses with a full spectrum of technical solutions and support capabilities, all of which would fall into the implemented NIST compliance adopted by your company. 


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Project Management

For the Forward Thinking Business Owner

When entrenched in the day-to-day, it’s not easy to be proactive, particularly when it comes to technology. Partner with AVATAR. Our professional services equip your business with the foresight needed to reduce unwelcomed surprises. With decades of project management experience, AVATAR can help your business tackle that next technology project, help engineer an office move, rollout major upgrades, or institute that policy that keeps coming up in conversation. We consider it our responsibility to drive objectives forward to meet your company goals.

Project Management

AVATAR has been trusted with project management by almost every branch of the DoD, with mission critical programs that impact both the warfighter and the government civil servant.

We utilize our diverse government and commercial project management experience with Agile workflows, data analysis, and leading-edge technology to consistently complete projects on time, within scope, and on budget. Your mission is our mission.

Our project delivery expertise will help you take your mind off those pain points where you need additional help, so you can quickly get back to your business. It is important to weigh your options when it comes to outsourcing some of your most important IT projects and tasks.  Having solid project management support is a simple way to start mitigating risk on a project from the very beginning.