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Program Offices and Acquisition Centers throughout the government must manage contractors and their needs to complete their work.  Travel is usually an unescapable necessity for many programs and their labor force.  While the government has a set system to maintain travel for government personnel (DTS), the same is not true for their contractor workforce.  This becomes a major problem for programs that have products and enterprise level solutions to support, requiring extensive contractor travel. 

Some of the issues that arise are: 

 Poorly defined approval process for reimbursed travel 

 Travel without cost estimates 

 Travel that ends without trip reports 

 Miscommunications on travel planning, resulting in refunds and reticketing 

 Many hours of lost productivity due to poor planning 



Many Program Offices have contract vehicles that support large numbers of contractors, all of which travel and work with the government counterparts on individual levels to plan, approve and execute travel.  Often, this process is managed through email and spreadsheets by various people in both contracting and the program office.  As a result, a fractured workflow develops that isolates information to only those in direct contact with the contractors, like CORs and PMs.  More so, the process forces numerous data calls for anyone wishing to produce travel reports 

Every Appoval Tracked, Every Dollar Accounted For

Clearpath | Travel is a software solution that manages contractor travel in a single, concise workflow.  Developed by AVATAR Computing, our solution provides a secure web environment that is dedicated to the approval workflow for a single program or contract vehicle.  Your government office is not bundled into a pool of other groups. Instead, you have a single, clean application that manages your contractor travel.  This workflow can be tailored to your organizations specific needs and can support a full spectrum of travel needs from approvals to full service ticketing and management.   

 By working through Clearpath | Travel you gain the ability to access all your organizations contractor travel from one location, regardless of staff turnover or assignment.  It also provides the vendors with a tracking and reporting mechanism for their travel in one place.   

 Completed travel can be exported as a preformatted trip report, auto filling all the travel info that pertains to that respective trip, ultimately streamlining the trip report process for your contractors.   

 Customers wishing for a complete managed solution can include our ticketing option that adds the ability for Clearpath staff to distribute travel packets to contractors.  This option provides a single, streamlined way of managing the full range of travel at a program level, and reduces that administrative burden from your vendors.  It also provides additional insight to overall metrics and reporting for all your programs travel.


 Organized Approval Process 

Centralized Travel Workflow 

Customized to Your Organizations Needs 

 Automated Trip Report Templates 

Available Ticketing Solutions 

 Mobile Friendly Interface 

Customized Reporting 

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