Salisbury Management

Managing hundreds of work orders across 60+ properties with numerous repairmen, vendors, and unique purchases is clearly an arduous task. Salisbury Management, Inc. approached AVATAR Computing about how to streamline this process and integrate a software solution into their current workflow. The application would need to be extremely simple to use, accessed on the go, with numerous roles and permissions.


Using a PHP framework and bootstrap front end, AVATAR developed a responsive web based application that is most often utilized by dispatched repairmen using connected tablets from the road. The user-friendly-interface enabled their crew to submit completed work orders directly from the job site – eliminating the need to submit physical paperwork saving the property management company time and money. It also allowed them to upload pictures of completed jobs and provide status updates.

AVATAR designed and developed a freestanding form page, built to aesthetically work in a fashion that quickly and clearly provides information that is curated and filtered by location. The web-friendly display is both mobile-responsive and printable. The design was coordinated and influenced by the already running website, equipping it with the capability to securely pass data elements between the two instances. To support these efforts, AVATAR also developed a database that refines and solidifies the information being populated and end user query in a secure environment.

The application is in use daily and has greatly enhanced Salisbury Management’s workflow and communication while significantly decreasing archaic paper trails.

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